Investment opportunity feasibility studies (IOFS):

Commodity Trade Group with a large global member’s network carries out Investment Opportunity Feasibility Studies for businesses as well as for individuals that desire to invest chiefly in agricultural, life stock, energy and construction commodities. The IOFS’s investment portfolios cover South American markets, the Middle East, the Black Sea Region and the emerging African markets. The IOFS’s task will include a full assessment of potential partners, technical analysis, risk assessment, political stability reports of the regions in question and market research.

In view of the fact that there are tremendous complexities and nuisances involving in investing in these commodities hence requiring special skills and expertise, the IOFS’s aim is to deal with the noted complexities in a professional manner and deliver factual, lasting values. CTG currently posses readily prepared Investment opportunities. Interested investors are encouraged to contact us for review of what investment areas are currently available.


Due Diligence (DD):

Commodity Trade Group has the capability and the manpower to perform multiple levels of evidence-based Due Diligence process in order to guarantee our clients’ utmost satisfaction. Better, the DD will go beyond publicly available data and carry out a comprehensive examination and analysis to produce a timely, accurate and actionable risk management tool. To assuage any latent misgivings in the minds of clients, the DD is willing to deploy our global members to assume or undertake private investigator-roles with audio and visual reports.



For investors who wish to open new businesses in emerging market, Commodity Trade Group will provide conferences and advisory services to their clients at the start of new businesses; assist them with the attainment of business licences within the legal framework of their respective countries. Commodity Trade Group will also provide vital support to clients in the business operations, for the period of the first twelve months in order that they adjust to their new environment. The assistance maybe extended as required by clients. CTG understands the uniqueness of each and every one of its clients’ needs thus requiring a personalized service for that reason clients are encouraged to sign up for a membership in consultancy and advisory global business for support, particularly the emerging markets.


Project Management and Contract Review:

Once a contract is signed, it is open to civil litigation; in other terms, is open to lawsuits of private rights and liabilities, therefore clients must conduct a thorough study of the subject matter in hand before singing any document. Your commercial contracts will be reviewed by business attorneys. The reviewed contract document will be sent back to the client that will yield better values from contractors.

Commodity Trade Group possesses project managers within its associates. No project is too small or too large for our team. Whether you are excavating a well, building bridges establishing a new community, or creating a business empire, we have an ample knowledge and experience to direct and deliver the indispensable needs of your project in a timely fashion and in a cost effective manner. We encourage you to submit your project information and we will evaluate it with a thorough review, sending it back to you with suggestions and with execution plan.


For any of our above listed Services we encourage you to contact us for further details particularly the investement portofolios and project management..




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