With nearly a decade of international trade experience; Commodity Trade Group is on course with the organization’s objective of being the trusted and reliable source of international commodity deals. Headquartered in Canada, CTG possesses the authority, experience and knowledge to execute, deliver and simplify international trade deals.

Backed by a global team of talented individuals, we’ve worked diligently and committed ourselves to focus on significant growth and stay optimistic to provide a wide range of products and services to bring new approaches and suggest solutions to ease business activities.

Possessing a strategic and individually managed satellite offices in South Korea, South America, Russia, Iran and Ghana as well business partners in the Middle East, Asia, Europe we are confident in meeting all our international clients’ demands regardless of the size of business. Please navigate to our products(link) and Services(link) page to learn more about our group’s capacity.

Why Commodity Trade Group?

CTG is a commodity company that is aimed to strengthen intercontinental business relationships. We provide inspiration to other players by setting up a fine example in both its business activities and leadership. Additionally doing business with our group is a breeze and here’s why:


    2.    A large network of talented and knowledgeable industry experts

    3.    Strategic world offices to expedite your international trade requirements

    4.    Friendly but serious professional staff to meeting and exceeding your expectations

    5.    Superior product quality, superior service and competitive market prices

    6.    Superior management skills and methodical approach to each clients requirements

    7.    Accuracy and transparency in documents without discrepancies

    8.    Customized and tailor made service for each and every client

    9.    Prompt communication and excellent market reputation

Please use our contact us form with any inquiries.

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